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Lab Coats Articles

Obama pulls out trump card to get health bill passed

WASHINGTON: The US President, Barack Obama, has called for an end to the bitter debate over healthcare reform, committing Democrats to a last-ditch effort to pass laws that are expected to extend health insurance to an additional 30 million Americans.

From Lab To Fab - Scientist Honoured

CAROLA VINUESA hammered another nail yesterday into the coffin of the scientist stereotype: nerds in white coats.

Only Love In The Lab Can Save Us Now

Scientists have done great things. Now they need to get it on with each other, writes Claire Hooper.

Science Keen To Toss Aside Drab Lab Image

SCIENTISTS are sexy. That's the word from Melbourne's Arron Wood, who delivered a special guest lecture to more than 250 school students at the University of Wollongong's Regional Science Fair yesterday.


JUST what do those faceless men in grey suits and white lab coats mean by putting fluoride in our water? Are they really trying to keep our teeth nice and white and free from blight, or is it all a not particularly elaborate con?